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I am from Georgia, Atlanta. Can you get around without a car where you are in the suburbs? My attraction to Cuenca is that a car is not necessary. Thanks again for your post. Also do not move anywhere unless you know the culture and really love the people. Next, learn the language. I do not consider anyone an expat in spite of their claim, unless they speak the native language. I never call myself an expat even though I speak Swedish and Spanish. That is a fad nowadays like having a cell phone.

You never kno when you might beat a hasty retreat back to the homeland…then what to you call yourself, a re-pat? Dear Maureen, Thank you so much for answering my questions and writing back to me! It is very useful information that I will share with my brother, too. Guess I will check out other areas and try to more thorough.

Thank you so much! Any information will be much appreciated. Hi Mary! I am a devorced woman in her 50s hoping to make the move to Cuenca in 2. I would like to offer you this: The practical things I have found have come from the expat comunity of Ecuador via the internet. The greengo Tree was a sorce of information, Real Estate, blogs, and all kinds of practical information.

Right to work checks: an employer's guide

I am finding the expat comunity to be most helpfull to me. Other than reading some travel books, and cultural books on Ecuador. I wish I knew more to tell you. I am learning my self. So any information I am also happy to hear. Hey Mary! There are many websites that provide these kind of information and also other where you can meet other fellow expats for networking and stuff. You can read a bunch of good bloggers and some of them are relocating specialists, tips, real state etc!

I was thinking of coming to live in Ecuador on a Professional Visa. I have a degree in Social work and social policy from a recognised university in the UK and have experience of working in this field. If I get this tyoe of visa do I need to work as a social worker or can I just teach English instead. Also are there many jobs for Social worker in Ecuador and are the rates of pay at a professional level.

Is Social work recognised as a profession in Ecuador. Did you get any answers for your questions? I was looking at a rental property, on line, and noticed that this home had a wall around the property with an electric fence on top of that. Should I be concerned about the security of ex-pats in Ecuador? I now live in manta via southwest Florida. Yes there are fences around the top of the fence around my apartment as well.

Preventive medicine is the best kind. If you get my point. As safe as a baby lamb on first day of wolf season. We, my husband and 2 yr old son and I, are planning a trip to Cuenca this May or June for 2 weeks because we are very interested in moving there and want to check it out. Any suggestions on where to stay for those 2 weeks, where to go to get a good feel of life in Cuenca and if the altitude would be a big issue for us. We are from Ontario Canada. I am an African-American, female, and I am retired. My daughter Ed. Racial categories in general tend to have more to do with class than actual color.

The Indigenes or Indians are considered Indian to the extent to which they still live a traditional life style. If they are educated and integrated into urban life they are not likely to be seen as Indians. Can someone please tell me the difference between being Hispanic an being Latino? I googled it and found Hispanic means ancestors from Spain but Latino means those who live in South or Central America.

I will be happy to be called a Gringo. Let me modify that. If you are from Brazil you would be Latino but not Hispanic because you speak Portuguese not Spanish. Hello Charline, I have live in Cuenca and plan to go back this year. I did not experience any racism or problems. The only thing you have to do is be respectful of he culture and you will be fine.

If you have any question e-mail me. Bill aka Guillermo. I think you will be just fine, especially in the big cities like Quito ,as you will just blend in and know one is really bothered, and for the work side of things again there are more opportunities in a large city than there are in small towns and villages there are a few online sites you can register with if you search multi trabajos Ecuador it may give you some insight, but there are loads of other ways, hope this helps.

Hey Charline. We have a couple of african-ecuadorian communities that have been excluded from the economic panorama but those things are progressively changing, and african-ecuadorians are present in our society without suffering fomr discrimination. Racials issues here do not have anything to do with open violence or frontal exclusion, but there are still dumb prejudices about black people, which are expressed through bad jokes or something like that. But people is mostly respectful and do not mind that much about races.

You will be perfectly capable of develop in a work environment or a community without experiencing any trouble because of your ethnia. Charline, I am also an African American who is considering a move to Ecuador. My wife and I arrived there about six years ago on a Princess cruise , and I have returned there three times since.

The people are very kind, leave a laid-back lifestyle, the real-estate is very reasonable I would like to say cheap , and it is very easy to make friends. I am of french and middle eastern decent; however, everyone there seems to blend together nicely. I know there are comments on Esmeraldas that talk about it being dangerous; my experiences have proved otherwise. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me, should you have specific questions about this area.

Sincerely, Dave Hackett. Hi there: I am a retired divorced woman from middleast , I am thinking to move to Ecuador , what I want to know is it safe for a woman to live alone there , and what is the crime rate? Thank you. Hi Dave, I am currently living in Chiriqui, Panama and have been here for 14 yrs, and prior to that 10 yrs in Costa rica on and off.

I would probably be more focused on the Atacames to Mompiche area as I still love to surf…….. I would very muchlike to open dialogue with somebody from this area to be able to glean as much information as possible………. Pls feel free to contact me at abollinger gmail. I hope not as badly as further south…..

Hello everyone. Does anyone have any good ideas for starting a business in Quito which would earn a good living? Any ideas would be much appreciated! I am a Nigeria planing to move Ecuador pls I need you help to move. Thanks God Bless. I want to spend my annual leave in Ecuador, so how do i go about the process to come to Ecuador. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hello, I would like to visit Ecuador. What cities would you recommend that are safe, affordable, not such high altitudes? I am also concerned about the recent volcanoe eruptions occuring. Will appreciate your input and hope to hear from you soon. I live in Catamayo, Loja There is always crime. I refer to the weather as Spring like all year here in Catamayo around 80 and night time mid Hola, if you would be so kind to share some differences between living in Catamayo and city of Loja.

Anything and everything would be of help. My wife and I are going to Loja on Feb 17 if her mom health is steady. I know its warmer in Catamayo and thats a plus coming from South Florida haha. Our 1 purpose is to help the community and local evangelical church if they have any. We are fully bi- lingual, look Spanish but born and raised in the USA makes my Spanish a little gringo at times. At 62yrs an early SS retirement will be penalized but i will meet the requierments of Ecuador Pensionado program.

I love your blog, been reading it for quite a while. My wife and I have been ready to move to Cuenca for months, we sold our house and practically everything we own in preparation for the move. I have a business that is U. Not on a missionary visa although we plan on helping in that area. The other visa I was told about is the investors visa, but I am not sure if this is what I want to do right away. Do you know of any other visa that would allow us to become permanent residents, renting a house or an apartment, buying a car and running my business which more than supports us here in the states?

By the way, did I mention that we have a small dog? Hey David — I understand the confusion. We found it hard to sort out all the options at first. There are a number of short term visas that some friends have used — one is a student visa for one year. They went to university for an hour a day and studied Quechua, an indigenous language here in the Andes. Are there any companies you could you could that could assist us with the moving process i.

We thank you and your family for your hard work in creating and maintaining your blogs. We just used friends :. There will be no problem finding a guy with a large truck willing to help you move. Just like everywhere else, there are people eager to earn a little extra money on their day off. The cost will depend on how far you are moving and how long it takes. Hi we plan on moving from san francisco, ca to cuenca. Are there self-service locations? Is it true that should we purchase our own washing. Is it true that pur hasing a clthes dryer is futile because there are no hook-ups for the drier?

This is a. There are no hookups for electric dryers — not yet anyway. They are all propane and work great. Hi…not to contradict you but I just moved to Guayaquil a month ago and we have an electric dryer with an air vent to the outside. Yes…we are renting but my husband found the plug at a local hardware store and the landlord was nice enough to install it! We also have an electric stove…so no propane in the house!

David My advice is come and visit Cuenta cost of living is a lot higher than say Catamayo where I live. Hi Fred, We are a Finnish-Ecuadorian couple interested in moving to Catamayo, because of my health issues the climate seems to be what we are looking for, warm and not so humid.

Appreciate any suggestions, thanks so much! I live in Esmeraldas and have a Whirlpool washer and electric dryer. Works great. If you have volt in your house or apartment the electric dryer will work just fine. I enjoyed my visits to Cuenca but its a little too cold for me. Nice — an electric dryer would be much simpler. It is always more expensive than gas. I swap the tanks over and a vehicle comes passed 3 times a day to swap bottles. Hi Dean, Im in Panama but thinking bout movin down to Ecuador specifically in your neighborhood…….. I find the Ecuadorian culture much more relatable and attractive than the Pana culture…….

Could you tell me a bit aobut your experience there? How long have you been there? Do you feel like youre living in an armed camp? How is the police presence? Are they intimidating at all, especially if youre driving? Any information will be greatly appreciated………. Hello Every washing mashine has is own heater and its always connected only to cold water.. Most machines in Ecuador operate on cold water only — especially at the lower altitudes.

My 2 cents: Western European washers run on cold water and heat it up. So I guess if you really want a washer that heats up the water in Ecuador, you could try to find a used one from a European expat who would have brought their own appliances, or try to buy one, is that even possible?

It may run on V rather than V, so it would need a V supply or a converter to V. Just for info. Good question. I get 8. Do you still get anywhere near 8. Another good thing about JEP is the lack of fees. You can withdraw money at an ATM for nothing. There is an english speaking lady called Karina at their Mariscal Sucre office who is extremely helpful. They also have ATM machines everywhere. There are very few ATMs for them too. Hi Denis, could you pls tell me more about JEP? Sounds like the way to go……Which bank would be the easiest bank in which to open up an acct when I first get down there and dont yet have residency?

Thnx much…….. JEP is not a bank … it is a cooperativa. Love them. She speaks english and is extremely helpful. She is recommended on Gringo Post. The recommendations on there are very helpful. If you do not have any pension or social security deposited to an Ecuadorian bank, how would you qualify for a pensionado visa?

Just asking …. Janet, I assume you are living in the U. Request a benefits verification statement from Social Security. For example, I was living in the state of Washington and my closest embassy was in LA. At the embassy you need to have most or all of your documents apostilled, a process somewhat like having a notary sign and stamp documents to prove to your new country that your documents are valid. You will be issued a short-term Visa 3 to 6 months. After you are living in Ecuador you can apply for a Residency Visa. We hired a bilingual lawyer to help us with the process, but some people accomplish it on their own.

Just to clear things up. There is only one ecuadorian or for that matter, any other country embassy in Washington, D. I must say this article was really a lot of fun to read…. I am a French guy that moved to the US 18 years ago and I am maried to a ecuadorian lady. I love France Ecuador and the US however every countries are different and if you are not willing to apriciate and understand other people you should stay in your little comfort town.

Moving can be very dufficult but if you are open minded this can be a lifetime experience…. I am very interested in possibly relocating to Cuenca. I have done a lot of research and reviewed s of blogs. My main concern is finding reasonably priced accommodations. I am on a fixed budget and really want to stay within it. What is you advice on this matter? The one thing that I had heard when I told my friend I wanted to move there is that the place is full of rich expats and mugging is common as a result.

I think so. While some expats have been robbed, many Cuencanos have been as well. Okay, good to know. I feel better about going there to learn Spanish now. Yes, there are lots of expats learning Spanish and lots of places to learn. Some areas have lots of expats.

I live near park iberia and there is a good mix … and lots of respect either way. ExPats particularly Americans are ruining Cuenca. I see the advert in gringopost all the time. I usually walk on the road as I do find the footpaths inconvenient at times. As to one point above, I think the people who get sick here would have gotten sick in the US.

Thanks for posting. It really helps early retirees in that if you are making less than 62K a year for two, you will get a subsidy on healthcare. It is now much more affordable. It is only income based, not wealth based which again helps early retirees It makes it much easier to retire young in the US, if that is your preference. We have several families traveling to Manta Ecuador for three week this summer for missionary work. We were hoping to find a clean efficient furnished place or two separate places that can accommodate people including several children under I have not been successful in finding anything online yet except the more expensive vacation condos.

One family is considering moving here permanently. Any help would be appreciated. The best way to make a decision is to visit the country and live like a local. If you live like a tourist it might be the wrong decision. What a wonderful comment. My husband and i are both canadians. I am originally from the Philippines. You are perfectly so right. We retired in the Philipines in , i guess i figured i am because i was born there. But after 10 years seeing how way of living there is we came to conclusion we had enough of it. Our mistake was getting into business and buying a home intead of like you sid checking it out first considering i have been in Canada for 45 years.

So now, i guess we would be able to handle any place where we decide to go. Lol we found your website because our plan now is visit place and rent a home for a month just to check it out. We are glad you are enjoying your new country and hopefully we will find a place we ill totally enjoy like you.

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We thank you for sharing your story. My Wife is from PI. We are looking at South America. Give us a clue Marie. Colorado river very hot , but nice. Hi there Bryan, I read your blog, plus subscribed to the newsletter. Daughter 1 year old Husky. She coming. My plan is to come for 6 months to 1 year. Is Ecuador the kind of country we could travel around this way? Assuming there maybe camp sites or rest areas on the highways. My thoughts are possibly buying a plot of fertile land to be self sustaining. Parking the RV living on that land possibly building our retirement home.

Is the school year the same there as it is here in Canada, Sept-June? Can I enroll my son or would we have no choice but to home school? Hey Stephen — thanks for your great comment. Imported vehicles must be new. You should confirm this with an import agent or lawyer. You could travel the country in a camper — the biggest concern would be safety at night.

You would need a secure place to park it while you sleep. The school system in the sierra Quito to Cuenca is roughly the same. On the coast it runs April — January. Lots of expats enroll their kids in the local school system. As I understand it, Ecuador places huge taxes on any vehicle you bring into the country. You will probably have difficulty staying a year. A 6 month tourist visa seems to be the max that is available. You can bring a vehicle into the country temporarily but you need to basically get it its own visa and I do not know how long you can get them for.


You will not be able to leave the vehicle here no matter what as Bryan said the vehicle needs to be practically new and the import of a vehicle seems to apply only to returning Ecuadorians. I guess if you wanted to park it and live in it and not drive it it could stay but you will not be able to register it here. Also the cost of rooms here is probably cheaper than you pay for a camp spot back in Canada so no real need to have a camper if you are looking at it to save money.

As Bryan also said the school year varies as to where you are in the country. Do the people of these South American countries welcome Americans, or other just tolerate them? I am interested in retiring in Ecuador but I would not want to live where I am not welcome. In general, Ecuadorians are very welcoming. There are always some in every country who have had a bad experience or some wrong ideas. Hello to all This is my first visit to this site and I found the comments to be quite helpful.

I will be coming to Ecuador in last September of and hope to stay a minimum of three months and perhaps longer. My last trip South was to Colombia SA last year. I would like to say that each and every country has it beauty and it negativity. Being raised in Chicago a long time ago I have never seen crime to compare with that city or Los Angeles or detroit. When I arrive in another country I leave my state and city behind. I do not expect the country I am visiting to be like the US or Canada. If that is what I was looking for I would have stayed there.

I think if we visit another country with the attitude of learning and respecting that country we will enjoy ourselves to a much higher degree. Looking forward to visiting Ecuador and perhaps becoming a resident. The U. Hi Tony, The US State Dept warns of problems in every country — and make it sound like it is unsafe everywhere except in the US which we all know is untrue. US has the largest prison population in the world. Not trying to bash America or anything…just that there are some alarming trends developing.

Very interesting comments, about crime, about moving down without checking it out. In I went down to Argentina, stayed for 1 month, checked it out, and then bought a condo on the beach. And anywhere I have been in the world, you have to be cautious. I went back to the condo at a. I walked all over the city, but just made sure to stay out of areas which I was told were bad. Did I like the power brownouts or the time the water treatment plant messed up and there was no water for a day? I started spending up to 6 months per year there and met some wonderful people, some close friends, did I miss certain things from home?

Sure I did. It took me a month to get my internet installed, no matter how often I called, or even went to the cable company to ask. Did I complain? Did it accomplish anything? Yes and No. Inspite of coming from somewhere with universal healthcare, medical and dental care were excellent down there, and I could have anything done for a fraction of what it would cost at home if I had to pay for it. Did I hear about some crimes in the city? A lady 2 blocks away had her apartment broken into and they stole her tv, stereo, money and she was there while they did it. A store 6 blocks away was broken into.

At night I made sure the main entrance door was locked and so was my door. And sometimes at night I did see drunks arguing or fighting in town, but I walked the other way and minded my own business. Was I totally blind? I picked the city, figured out how to get there, got a very good hotel for a great rate and started exploring. I gave myself 30 days and on day 28 I was walking in the rain and found the condo.

I sold it a couple of years ago, but it was a great experience. I hope to have the same one in Ecuador. Not sure if I want to live in Cuenca, I like mountains but prefer beach, so any suggestions anyone can give me about the area from say Manta south, would be appreciated. Anybody know about Puerto Cayo? To be honest, I am very excited about checking Ecuador out.

Thanks Dave S. In , I moved to Seattle. I was told not to move to Capital Hill because of the crime. Somebody did steal the wheel off of my car one night while I was at work, but I lived there for 20 years with no other problems. Just be street smart, keep your karma clean and be civilized! We went to visit Ecuador for two weeks in June, We stayed in Manta on the coast and took buses up and down the coast.

My favorite beach town was Canoa lots of expats and lots of stuff to do. It was a bit of a surf and party town but awesome beach and wish I had spent more time there but we found it on the second to last day of our trip. If you like bigger city feel Salinas or Manta might be more your style. Or if you want more of the party beach town I would reccomend Montantinita or Canoa. Last two would be my choice. Bus rides are only a dollar an hour so you can travel up and down the coast for very cheap. It was a great time and they have many beautiful beaches there I am sure you will love it.

Thanks for all the input, it has been helpful. Jim, I agree, in the US I always hear about immigrants unable to speak the language, the same will be true if we become the immigrants, I highly recommend Rosetta Stone,I plan to communicate when I get there. Never done much, or not enough research into living in Cuenca before I went off to live there. That being said, I went. Having arrived I went about setting up house and wondering if this feeling of being dizzed out and breathlessness would somehow leave me.

I thought it was some form of jetlag or travel malady that had caused me to be listless and tired. Turns out it was the altitude. Six weeks later, and no change I decided to leave. As soon as I returned to sea level things immediately got back to normal. I visited Quito long ago, Thanks for your post.

Again, thank you. It is not simply a matter of the cost of living. Bolivia has a very poor health care system, but in Ecuador health care is good and affordable. Enjoy reading the posts. Thank you All who posted here. I am considering moving to Ecuador in the near future based on what I have read about the country. Anyone have any opinion of where I should visit initially? I am thinking of beach area. I can stay as long as 3 months if needed. Suggestions are welcome. If you like the country side, a more quite setting and fresh air living go to San Jacinto-Sucre-Manabi I love it there its my destination when I want to relax, its a very nice town with basically no crime, people are friendly and food is very inexpensive.

Do you know whether or not we can continue to collect these if we became permanent residents of Ecuador? Are you able to manage with having to pay for health care in Cuenco? Any input as a Canadian expat would be appreciated. It would be best to speak with the Canadian government about this. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping.

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Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. DPReview Digital Photography. What kind of resident visa should I apply if I want to live in Ecuador? I see that the only one would be the 9-II if I buy property. Is this correct? This is best asked directly to a lawyer — there are so many variables.


You can see contact information for our lawyers in the post. Hi, If i have my baby down in Ecuador, the baby is classified as a Ecuadorian. What about the mom me and my 2 other daughters? Would we get a residency visa? Your baby would be an Ecuadorian citizen. You should confirm with an immigration lawyer. Do you happen to have a link to the page of approved universities?

I am an Indian citizen currently working in India in a banking software company. I will be moving to our regional office in Ecuador and will be there for 2 years. I will be getting a work visa I think VI and my wife will be travelling with me. She wants to work temporarily there and what type of visa she can apply which allow her to work there? Would you please send me an email? I am from India, Bangalore. Working for IT Company — 15 Years experience. Could I apply for the visa before she arrives and then add her to my visa or apply for the 9-VI economic dependence visa after we are married and I have my residency done?

Thats a good question. You should confirm this with the Immigration department or an immigration lawyer. Hi Bryan, I wanted to check if there are rules change and its now possible to apply for 9-II investor visa while on T Yes, I think so. But you should confirm this with a lawyer.

Here is the law office we use in Cuenca. Hi Bryan I just stumbled on your website and eas impressed! I am a senior citizen 65 and have been thinking about retiring to Cuenca. I would be coming with my son who is 28 and Service Dog. I want to rent either an apartment or house furnished. Is this possible on my income?

We do not spend a lot but would need the usual amenities. Thanking you in advance for your reply. Yes, it would be possible. It would depend a lot on your lifestyle. Things like appliances and legal fees. First off, thank you for the work done for the site, it does help answering some of my questions. Second, with a bit of help from my wife from Ecuador we found that site listed for the Professional Visa has been changed.

I just checked the links and all three work. The first link goes to a pdf file listing the universities. Or maybe you have a firewall? For the 9-V transcripts 1. Arizona secretary of state? Can anyone translate them? Or do I need a lawyer? Do I need to get the translations apostilled and notarized? I was just in Ecuador this past week and I met a German couple that has been living there for a while.

They have an Investor visa and are fairly active in real estate in Ibarra, Ecuador. They told me they were certain of this change and that i should take advantage of this. Have you heard anything about this or do you know where I can verify this for sure. Thank you so much for your help. For the most up to date information, you should check with an immigration lawyer. Are there any options…??? Thank you for your time and thanks for your website… Peace and love… Tomas. Some expats get their land revalued to reflect a higher tax value.

It seems that some have had success with this. This is done at the municipality level. The new valuation is then submitted with the residency application. Thanks a lot… Tomas. I understand your confusion. The post is actually a transcript from the video interview. Hi Brian, Thanks for the informative site. I have a few questions. Is this true? What is the minimum investment required and do you have any recommendations for banking institutes?

Should I be thinking in terms of minimums? Are there any concerns in putting money in Ecuadorian banks? Hoping for good.. I want to know what are the procedures applying through it? I live frugally and have lived overseas before. My questions on Ecuador are what is the total cost of getting a permanent visa?

Now the hard part… I do have a felony which is currently on appeal …it is non-violent and not a sexual offense. Will this prove to be a roadblock? I am looking at leaving the States in approx 12 to 16 months. Please give me any and all info or links that you may have that might be helpful. I do not have a felony. Hi Bryan, I have tried to contact Grace through the website link you have and also through email and have not hear a response. Is she no longer in business? Thank you, Angela. They are still in business. Something might have happened with the email you sent.

I just spoke with their office this morning and I am meeting with them later this week. Just resend your message — or give them a call. On a side note, your email address might be a problem. Maybe the email you sent them was also automatically listed as spam? There is a contact form and a phone number you can call.

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This is my first time commenting here Brian so please forgive my ignorance in some areas. My wife, mother, and I want to move to Cuenca and are planning a trip in late Nov.


If we do decide this is the place for us are you saying that my mother would first have to get a visa with her S. S govt. Thank you very much for your time and effort in this matter Brian. The application would be sent together. Only one person gets the retirement visa and the others get dependent visas. Thank you very much Bryan. What would you recommend for the best type of transportation, not necessarily the cheapest but the most reliable, to get us to Cuenca that same night. Or is that even possible that late?

Again, thank you so much for your help and patience Bryan. I will try not to bother you with foolish questions unless they are absolutely necessary. I think your dependent visas are just that — dependent on the principal holder. You should confirm with a lawyer. You can fly to Cuenca with Tame. They have evening flights — leaving at pm I think. Or you could stay at a hotel with a shuttle that will pick you up and drop you off.

We like the Howard Johnson — one of the best buffet breakfasts anywhere. And they have an air-conditioned shuttle van. If I obtain an Investor Visa 9-II am I then legally allowed to work in Ecuador either starting my own company or working for an existing company? If I chose to invest through CDs if I then choose to leave the country is it easy enough to get your money back? Is there a minimum time limit? Maybe Grace and Nelson can help…. Yes, you can easily get your money back.

You will have to wait until the term expires and then you can send it out of country. Hi, With regards to the police reports required for residency I understand that these need to be obtained not in Ecuador but in the country where you have most recently been resident. I have been resident in Peru where these were provided by Interpol in Peru itself — does Ecuador not have a similar system whereby Interpol presumably in Quito could provide this?

I understand that the report has to be relatively new — how recent must it be? The dollars required, is that gross or net. I believe Social Security takes taxes and medicare out. Can i leave the country for 30 days on my residency visa? I am planning a trip and in some websites mention can only leave the country for no more than 18 days, is this true? Have you checked with your lawyer? Thank you. From our experience it takes days for checks to clear. Some lawyer in Loja told me that we can apply residency visa with tourist visa T-3 , he said the law is changed.

It it true? I need to go to Cuenca next week to the office of extranjeria. Does anyone know the address?

Social Security Reform

It is a large white building on the right. Would love to know more on living in Cuenca as an active retireree. My concern would be not having family and friends in Ecuador, so how would one start to interact with others and make or meet friends. All the above questions on obtaining permanent residence have not been answered, is this the place to get answeres?.

Many thanks. If I get an unfurnished apartment which is less money , is there anywhere in Cuenca to buy used furniture? Hi Brian, If you could let us know the cost of using the legal services to acquire the 9-IIor III for each or as a couple it would be helpful. Also Do you know the rates of interest for the CD and are they insured in any way?