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Fathering, mothering and making sense of ntamoba : reflections on the economy of child-rearing in colonial Asante. Living with the past: the songs of the Herero in Botswana. Why aspiring migrants trust migration brokers: The moral economy of departure in Anglophone Cameroon. Dynamics of herd structures and herding strategies in West Africa: a study of market integration and ecological adaptation.

Belief in 'Witches' among the Rural Wolof of the Gambia. Stock theft and moral economy in colonial Kenya. Diviners, seers and spirits in eastern Africa: towards an historical anthropology. Letting the mask slip: The shameless fame of Sierra Leone's Gongoli. Discourse and its disclosures: Yoruba women and the sanctity of abuse. Poverty and production in a rural microcosm: Hanover, Cape. Converts to Human Rights? Lineage and Locality among the Mba-Ise Ibo. The Waswahili : The social history of an ethnic group.

Kinship and Marriage in a Polyethnic Community. The Financing of the Ashanti Expansion Rank and class among the Asante and Fante in the nineteenth century. A note on the Asante akonkofo: a non-literate Sub-elite, Trade, accumulation and the state in Asante in the nineteenth century. The economic implications of transformations in Akan funeral rites. Proverbial Lore and Word-Play of the Fulani. Yam ceremonies and the values of Ohafia culture. Translation of the Bible into standardized Swahili.

Notes on Form and Structure in Bantu Speech. Criminals and the african cultural imagination: normative and deviant heroism in pre-colonial and modern narratives. Elections in an African Rural Area. Diabetes, Medicine and Modernity in Cameroon. An Experiment in Applied Anthropology. Elizabeth Dunstan: A tribute. The failure of ethnic nationalism: land, power and the politics of clanship on the South African high veld Antina von Schnitzler, Democracy's Infrastructure: Techno-politics and protest after apartheid. Preliminary notes on audiences in Africa.

Nharo Bushman Medicine and Medicine Men. Sex Roles among the Nharo Bushmen of Botswana. Kinship, language and production: a conjectural history of Khoisan social structure. Africa and the Anthropologist. Lugbara illness beliefs and social change. The Politics of Defection from an African Utopia. Bassar: a quantified, chronologically controlled, regional approach to a traditional iron production centre in West Africa.

Psychological Methods and Anthropological Problems. Marriage Rites among the Aku Yoruba of Freetown. The emergence of a Diola Christianity. An early experiment in the reorganisation of agricultural production in the French Soudan Mali , The Development of the Military Organization in Swaziland. Ambiguous animals: Two theriomorphic metaphors in Kaguru folklore. John Middleton Approaches to the Study of African Oral Literature. Rural-urban movement among Botswana's skilled manpower: some observations on the two sector model. Garden cultivation, conservation and household strategies in Zimbabwe.

University of Chile Seminar on African Studies.

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Small-Scale Farming Systems in Ghana. Paramountcy to Partnership: J. Oldham and Africa. Sir Charles Arden-Clarke, G.

Tiv Proverbs as a Means of Social Control. Tiv Kuraiyol , Body Protectors. African Studies in Italy. Maasai Age-Sets and Prophetic Leadership: Access, control and use of resources in African agriculture: An Introduction. Social institutions and access to resources. Hegemony on a shoestring: indirect rule and access to agricultural land.

Creating 'Union Ibo': Missionaries and the Igbo language. Individualisation and the assault on customary tenure in Africa: title registration programmes and the case of Somalia. The Establishment of the Medina in Dakar, Senegal, Avatar of power: Southern Kuba masquerade figures in a funerary context. Resource management in Sukumaland, Tanzania.

Introduction Urban kinship: The micro-politics of proximity and relatedness in African cities. Ethnicity in southern Ethiopia: The General and the Particular. Co-Operation in Health Education. Environment and access to resources in Africa. The cultural transformation of Western education in Sierra Leone. The Hadzapi or Watindega of Tanganyika Territory. Did the Akan resort to abortion in pre-colonial Ghana? Some Conjectures.

Ethics of life in the context of death: The emergence of ethical fields in HIV prevention. Therapeutic efficacy and consensus among the Aluund of south-western Zaire. Terminologie Classificatoire des Nkundo. Dahomean Marriage: A Revaluation. The Migration and Expansion of the Tiv. The colonial encapsulation of the north-western Namibian pastoral economy. Jane I. Guyer, Legacies, Logics, Logistics: Essays in the anthropology of the platform economy. The Hunter in Igala Legends of Origin.

Resource politics and the impact of Chinese involvement in small-scale mining in Ghana. Adjustment to West African realities: the Lebanese in Senegal. The Future of Native Authorities. The Manipulation of Myth in a Tavara Chiefdom. Religion and Authority in a Korekore Community. Guns and Rain : taking structural analysis too far? The Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammadu Maccido From sickness to history: Evil spirits, memory and responsibility in an Ethiopian market village. Polygyny: an indicator of nutritional stress in African agricultural societies?

Notes on Hygiene Books used in Africa. Bangwa Western Bamileke Marriage Wards. Bibliography of Current Publications. Colour symbolism and ideology in a Ghanaian healing movement. City, countryside and Kru ethnicity.

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Insanity among the Bemba of Northern Rhodesia. The role of language in West African Islam. Land Reform among the Mbeere of Central Kenya. The Development of the Swahili Language. The Re-Bantuization of the Swahili Language. Warfare, oracles and iron: a case study of production among the pre-colonial Klowe, in the light of some recent Marxist analyses.

Patterns of Authority in West Africa. Witchcraft and British Colonial Law. The Social Organization of the Kung! The hearthhold in pastoral Fulbe society, central Mali: social relations, milk and drought. Matrilineal Kinship among the Kunda. Rice, yams and chiefs in Avatime: speculations on the development of a social order. The god of smallpox: aspects of Yoruba religious knowledge.

People's war in Africa: the quest for 'movements of maturity'. Bigger than men? Gender relations and their changing meaning in Kipsigis society, Kenya. Ideologies of intervention: the Ugandan state and local organization in Bugisu. Atuot age categories and marriage. Atuot ethnicity: an aspect of Nilotic ethnology. Lateral symbolism and Atuot cosmology. Secondary Industries for Tropical Africa. The unmaking of Tanzania and the march towards capitalism? Principles and Methods of Colonial Administration. Boys' circumcision and girls' puberty rites among the Swahili of Mafia Island, Tanzania.

Perceptions of gender stratification. Conversion and school at Chikuni, Manufacturing dissent: work, gender and the politics of meaning in a peasant society. The inheritance of private property among the Nama of southern Africa, reconsidered. Stabilization in the Manyika Dialect of the Shona Group. Migration networks and narratives in Ghana: A case study from the Zongo. Competition between foragers and food-producers on the Botletli River, Botswana.

Browsers and phone girls: The intricate socialities of friendship, trust and cyberlove in Nima Accra. La Question du Lait dans les Colonies Africaines. Three Berta Dialects in Western Ethiopia. Africans, Africanists and the African Crisis. On Reason and Afro-Pessimism. Education de base en Oubangui-Chari A. Islam in Senegalese literature and film. Wiving and Thriving in Northern Rhodesia. The politics of elections in Botswana. Dreams in an Independent African Church. The silika : a co-operative labour institution. Dreams and purposes: an analysis of dream narratives in an independent African Church.

Histoires de riz, histoires d'igname: le cas de la Moyenne Cote d'Ivoire. Cattle and class? Rights to grazing land, family organization and class formation in Msengezi. Fighting over property: the articulation of dominant and subordinate legal systems governing the inheritance of immovable property among Blacks in Zimbabwe. The ideology of 'communal' land tenure in Zimbabwe: Mythogenesis enacted?

From Tribute to Tax in a Tikar Chiefdom. Bernard Nsokika Fonlon, Riddles and the reconstruction of reality. The Role of Proverbs in Fante Culture.

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The modes-of-production debate in Ethiopian agriculture. The dynamics of the African slave trade. Land and food, women and power, in nineteenth century Kikuyu. Negotiating Asante family survival in Kumasi, Ghana.

The Double Mind in African Education. Households and the political economy of small-scale cash crop production in south-western Nigeria. La Famille dans l'Organisation Sociale du Mayombe. Migration in West Africa: a savanna village prespective. The socio-ecology of firewood and charcoal on the Freetown peninsula.

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Wartime forest energy policy and practice in British West Africa: social and economic impact on the labouring classes African and Africanist biodiversity research in a neo-liberal context. Negotiating eldercare in Akuapem, Ghana: Care-scripts and the role of non-kin. Home, family and intimacy in recent writings on and from South Africa. Bandits, rebels or criminals: African history and Western criminology review article. This is actually a good interpretation of modern civilisation': popular theatre and the social imaginary in Ghana, Rethinking Ancestors and Colonial Power in Madagascar.

Interpreting Land Markets in Africa. The Manipulation of Ritual among Plateau Nigerians. Social stratification on the Swahili coast: from race to class? A chief by the people: nation versus state in Lesotho. De la forme culturelle au vecu des troubles psychiques en Afrique.

L'Enterrement d'un Chef konkomba. The Ingredients of Magic Medicines. Text-Books for African Schools. A Preliminary Memorandum by the Council. Female over male or left over right: solving a classificatory puzzle among the OvaHimba. Die Bedeutung des Rindes bei den Nuer. Us' and 'them': the International African Institute and the current crisis of identity in African Studies.

Impurity and power: women in Aladura churches. Nutrition Work in British African Colonies since Headmanship and the Ritual of Luapula Villages. Dreams of power: social process in a West African religious movement. Gerhard Lindblom Lord Hailey, P. Professor Melville J. Herskovits, Report on the International Conference on Manding Studies. The Fante Asafo : a Re-examination. Protestant Missions and Marriage in the Belgian Congo. Michael Omolewa and Akinjide Osuntokun editors , J. Ade Ajayi: His life and career. Ibadan: Bookcraft. Infrastructures of utopia: Ruination and regeneration of the African future.

Shifting memories and forced migrations: The Somali Zigula migration to Tanzania. Introduction: re thinking migration memories and diasporic practices from the perspective of the African continent. Lord Lugard et la Politique Africaine. Women in Freetown politics, a preliminary study. Closed circles of mistrust: Envy, aspirations and urban sociality in coastal Madagascar. Pillaging Jesus': healing churches and the villagisation of Kinshasa. Rome and the Romains: Laughter on the border between Kinshasa and Brazzaville.

Trees and farm boundaries: farm forestry, land tenure and reform in Kenya. Antonio Augusto Mendes Correia. Women's agricultural production and political action in the Cameroon Grassfields. Notes sur les migrations soudanaises en Ghana. Young puritan preachers in post-independence Malawi. Embodying values and socio-religious difference: New markets of moral learning in Christian and Muslim schools in urban Tanzania. Tukulor weavers and the organisation of their craft in village and town. The Linguistic Situation in South Africa. European and Bantu Languages in South Africa.

Understanding rural Zambia today: the relevance of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute. Legal insecurity and land conflicts in Mgeta, Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania. A note on space in the Ethiopian revolution. A Luba Tribe in Katanga. Customs and Folklore. The Changing Political System of the Temne. School Education and Native Life. Characteristics of African Thought. Animals in Lele Religious Symbolism.

Raffia Cloth Distribution in the Lele Economy. Matriliny and Pawnship in Central Africa. Sorcery accusations unleashed: the Lele revisited, The past of dreams: Gender, memory and Tuareg oneiric inspiration. Mamprusi witchcraft, subversion and changing gender relations. Red and School: a Quantitative Approach. Simple Essai de Mise au Point. Alex de Waal, Mass Starvation: The history and future of famine. Modern Tendencies in the Languages of Northern Nigeria.

The Problem of European Words. Diagnosing the Crisis in the Republic of Congo. Property among the Ciga in Uganda. To Members of the Institute. The politics of the cerebrospinal meningitis epidemic in Nigeria. Ikpe migrant cocoa farmers of south-western Cameroon. Nomadism in Ankole as a Substitute for Rebellion. The East African Trade in Woodcarvings. Marriage and Child-birth among the Kanuri.

Drinking the Koran: The meaning of Koranic verses in Berti erasure. The self in self-interest: land, labour and temporalities in Malawi's agrarian change. Coutumes des Mbali du Sud d'Angola. Journeys of the mind: European women in West Africa. The Marriage Customs of the Ovimbundu.

Bibliographical Note on the Ethnology of the Southern Sudan. The Distribution of Sanusi Lodges. Nuer Curses and Ghostly Vengeance. Marriage Customs of the Luo of Kenya. Some Features and Forms of Nuer Sacrifices. A Contribution to the Study of Zande Culture. Some Zande Texts on Vengeance for Death.


Through the prism of a local tragedy: political liberalisation, regionalism and elite struggles for power in Cameroon. Popular Culture in Africa: Findings and Conjectures. Kenneth Onwuka Dike, Kickin' it: leisure, politics and football in colonial Zanzibar, ss. Enriching the landscape: social history and the management of transition ecology in the forest-savanna mosaic of the Republic of Guinea. Locating the politics of a Sierra Leonean chiefdom.

Sisters, wives, wards and daughters: a transformational analysis of the political organization of the Tiv and their neighbours. Part I: the Tiv. Part II: The transformations. Metissage or Curate's Egg? Alaroye: Political contestation, genres, innovations and audience in a Yoruba-language newspaper. Democracy and realism: reflections on the case of Cote d'Ivoire.

The King's Men in Madagascar: slavery, citizenship and Sakalava monarchy. The new development rhetoric and Lake Malawi. The Sociological Study of Native Diet. Part II. The Juggernaut's apologia: conversion to Islam in black Africa. Power and the quest for recognition: neo-traditional titles among the new elite in Nso', Cameroon. Cattle raiding and household demography among the Kuria of Tanzania. War is Good for Thieving! Production, income and expenditure patterns of Yoruba smallholders. Urban Agriculture in Mwanza, Tanzania. Audrey Isabel Richards, Reclaiming Zimbabwe's Unfinished Business.

Report of the Administrative Director on the Work of the Institute in International African Institute Report of the Administrative Director. Alfred Reginald Radcliffe-Brown. Siegfried Frederick Stephen Nadel. Retirement of the Institute's Secretary Mrs. Harold Godfrey Judd, C. Tropical African Studies. Anthropology and the Development of African Studies. Food in the Domestic Economy of the Tallensi. Social Change on the Kru Coast of Liberia.

Migration and changing divisions of labour: gender relations and economic change in Koguta, western Kenya. For the use and common benefit of all Nigerians': consequences of the land nationalization. New directions in the study of African law. From village autonomy to modern village administration among the Kulere of central Nigeria. The loibon as sorcerer: a Samburu loibon among the Ariaal Rendille, The term 'Creole': A Footnote to a Footnote. Culture, technology and policy in the informal sector: attention to endogenous development. Professor Daryll Forde. Manjaco Rulers After a Revolution.

Art and the individual in African masquerades Introduction. Seeing the unseeing audience: Women and West African power association masquerades. The political economy of Guinea-Bissau: second thoughts. Chain-rhymes in Senegambian Languages. Changing Political Leadership in West Africa. Prehistory and Ideology in Zimbabwe. Twelve Proverbs and one Folk-story from the Efik Country. Islam or Christianity? The choices of the Wawa and the Kwanja of Cameroon. Money and respect: the changing value of old age in rural Ghana.

Kachinja are Coming! Academician Ol'derogge. Chiefs and colonial rule in Cameroon: inventing chieftaincy, French and British Style. Domesticating personal violence: witchcraft, courts and confessions in Cameroon. Introduction: the urban-rural connection: changing issues of belonging and identification. The domestication of modernity: different trajectories. Initiation into the ugao : rethinking the structure of Tharaka symbolism. Inkatha's young militants: Reconsidering political violence in South Africa.

The sudden death of a millionaire: conversion and consensus in a Ghanaian kingdom. Aesthetic strategies: the politics of a royal ritual. No condition is permanent': ethnic construction and the use of history in Akuapem. Disguising the Pain of Remembering in Akwapim. Possession cults on the Swahili coast: a re-examination of theories of marginality. Generation Classes among the Mbeere of Central Kenya. Hill Settlements and their Abandonment in Western Yorubaland. Kinship and Credit among the Nuer. Malinowski's 'Functional' Analysis of Social Change.

Colonial rule and the 'legal factor' in Ghana and Lesotho. Changing Family Structures among the Rural Hausa. Chiefs, subchiefs and local control: negotiations over land, struggles over meaning.

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Creating a text: alternative interpretations of Gonja drum history. Ethnohistory and the Akan of Ghana. Inheritance and Women's Labour in Africa. Sex, fertility and menstruation among the Beng of the Ivory Coast: a symbolic analysis. Migration and development in Western Kenya, a retrospective analysis of primary school leavers. Rich cousins, poor cousins: hidden stratification among the Omani Arabs in Eastern Africa. Come vero Prencipe Catolico: the Capuchins and the rulers of Soyo in the late seventeenth century. Positional Succession Among the Wambugwe. Arts en Voie de Disparition au Gabon.

Conseils aux Chercheurs'. Fisk University: Program of African Studies. Mau Mau oathing rituals and political ideology in Kenya: a re-analysis. Trading on inequality: gender and the drinks trade in southern Tanzania. The tournament took place in Ivory Coast from 22 February to 8 March Thirty countries attempted to qualify for the tournament.

Below is a list of squads used in the African Cup of Nations. Below is a list of squads used in the Africa Cup of Nations. Player Date of birth age Caps. Below is a list of squads used in the African Nations Cup. This article is about the list of ASC Diaraf players. The club was formed on 9 May The player list were as of February This includes players who have dual citizenship with Turkey. Slottsskogen, Gothenburg, where the festival is held Way Out West is a three-day music festival held in Gothenburg, Sweden, during August that plays host to a variety of popular music artists mainly from the rock, electronic and hip-hop genres.

The main festival is complimented with the club concept Stay Out West which features after-hours gigs at various venues around the city. In the festival became a full-fledged three-day festival with live music in Slottsskogen even on Thursday. In addition to music, the festival has also grown to incorporate other cultural activities such as art exhibitions in Slottsskogen and film showings at cinemas around the city.

It was founded in and one of the oldest in the country. The club currently plays in National SInce , the club is second with the most number of championship titles numbering ten, one less of ASC Diaraf. The total honors that Jeanne d'Arc had won is 25, second after Djaraf. History Jeanne d'Arc at the top flight competition The club was the first club to win a title for an independent Senegal, their second was in , their third was in , Jeanne d'Arc won two consecutive titles in , they won sixth title in The club was second place in , then third in , then relegated being last in group stage in , a year, the club returned and was 8th in , two years later, the club won their seventh title in and finished with 53 points, their record, the club finished fifth in and then won th.

Elections to the French National Assembly was held in the territory of Ivory Coast on 2 June as part of the wider parliamentary elections. Voting was carried out using separate electoral colleges for citizens and non-citizens. This is a list of foreign players in the Norwegian First Division, which commenced play in The following players must meet both of the following two criteria: Have played at least one Premier League game.

Over the centuries, translation has been involved in many key sectors of activity in Africa ranging from politics and administration to culture and religion. Translation in this context has involved a great variety of language combinations between African languages, European languages and Arabic, as well as some traditional forms of intersemiotic translation. The history of translation in Africa reflects the rich and complex history of the continent and the various linguistic and cultural contacts and exchanges that have shaped and defined its destiny.

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