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Canada to Afghanistan 1775 to 2014

American Invasions: Canada to Afghanistan, to chronicles the truth of the tale. The Rise and Fall of the American Empire explains an unorthodox but refreshing look at the history of the U. This book intends to shed light on that ignorance.


Home Motivated and passionate on his rally in educating and wakening the consciousness of the people of today on the honest and reflective meaning of civilization, democracy and freedom, author Rocky M. First Sumatran Expedition. Chiefdom of Kuala Batee. Second Seminole War or Florida War. United States Exploring Expedition. Fiji Samoa Tabiteuea. Second Sumatran Expedition.

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Chiefdom of Quallah Battoo. Capture of Monterey. Battle of Kororareka. Mexican-American War or Mexican War. Cayuse War.

Pitt River Expedition. Tolowa Nomlaki Chimariko Wintun. Apache Wars. Apache Ute Yavapai. Decisive American victory, Apaches moved to reservations. Puget Sound War. Rogue River Wars.

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Rogue River people. Yakima War. Battle of Ty-ho Bay. Chinese Pirates. First Fiji Expedition. Treaty of Tianjin June 18, Navajo Wars. United States victory, Long Walk of the Navajo.

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Second Fiji Expedition. Paraguay Expedition. Paraguay extended an apology to the United States, indemnified the family of the slain Water Witch crewman, and granted the United States a new and highly advantageous commercial treaty. Paiute Bannock Shoshone. Reform War. Union victory: Territorial integrity of the United States of America preserved Slavery abolished Seceded states of the Confederate States of America eventually re-admitted to the Union.

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Colorado War. Cheyenne Arapaho. Battles for Shimonoseki. Snake War. Powder River Expedition or Connor Expedition. Sioux Cheyenne Arapaho. Lakota Cheyenne Arapaho. Comanche Campaign or Comanche War. Cheyenne Arapaho Comanche Kiowa. Formosa Expedition or Taiwan Expedition of Korean Expedition or Shinmiyangyo. Red River War. Lakota Northern Cheyenne Arapaho. Henry Knox arrived with artillery captured from Fort Ticonderoga, forcing Gen.

Canada enlists in America's permanent war for peace

An American force under Gen. Richard Montgomery invaded Canada in the fall of , captured Montreal, and launched an unsuccessful attack on Quebec , in which Montgomery was killed. The Americans maintained a siege on the city until the arrival of British reinforcements in the spring and then retreated to Fort Ticonderoga. Lord Howe , with a large fleet to join his brother in New York , authorizing them to treat with the Americans and assure them pardon should they submit.

When the Americans refused this offer of peace, General Howe landed on Long Island and on August 27 defeated the army led by Washington , who retreated into Manhattan.

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Howe drew him north, defeated his army at Chatterton Hill near White Plains on October 28, and then stormed the garrison Washington had left behind on Manhattan, seizing prisoners and supplies. Though Cornwallis soon recaptured Trenton, Washington escaped and went on to defeat British reinforcements at Princeton. In a British army under Gen. Burgoyne captured Fort Ticonderoga on July 5, but, as he approached Albany, he was twice defeated by an American force led by Generals Horatio Gates and Benedict Arnold , and on October 17, , at Saratoga , he was forced to surrender his army.

After a mildly successful attack at Germantown , Pennsylvania , on October 4, Washington quartered his 11, troops for the winter at Valley Forge , Pennsylvania. Though the conditions at Valley Forge were bleak and food was scarce, a Prussian officer, Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben , was able to give the American troops valuable training in maneuvers and in the more efficient use of their weapons. After that battle British forces in the north remained chiefly in and around the city of New York.

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While the French had been secretly furnishing financial and material aid to the Americans since , in they began to prepare fleets and armies and in June finally declared war on Britain. With action in the north largely a stalemate, their primary contribution was in the south, where they participated in such undertakings as the siege of British-held Savannah and the decisive siege of Yorktown.