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Logo-Eroticism in Anglo-Hispanic Literature

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A new word each day Native speaker examples Quick vocabulary challenges. Sign up with email. Self-reflective and surrealist writing becomes a way to look for answers and to exorcize inner evils. And when this tactic fails, his romantic passion for a woman called Amalia Morales, who has moved elsewhere, fills his thoughts.

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These two leitmotifs are at the core of the novel, around which several other episodes of fear, torture, violence, destruction, and self-destruction through alcohol and drug abuse take place. It is, as the title indicates, a testimony of a stormy time in Peru as well as in the life of the protagonist.

Doble Tentación - ¡Unos dulces besos! / Capítulo 38

One of the most prolific and well-known Sino-Panamanian authors is Eustorgio A. Chong Ruiz. Although he mentions several times the socialist concept of the new man, the narrator has lost his faith in all ideologies. However, some of them deviate from the norm. As we see in the last stanza, the poetic voice professes a sort of reverse racism nuanced by a questionable identification of mestizaje with gratuitous violence.

The poem never clarifies what has made him so ashamed of his white son as to reject nothing else than his ethnicity. He was born in Managua in He serves as sub-secretary of culture and recreation of the government of the State of Chiapas. The language of Adam, , Wong describes the poet a sort of priest who interprets the secret of existence.

This peculiar way to understand poetry is reflected in his collections of poems. Finding themes and topics that are common to the writings of all these Sino-Latin American authors is not an easy task since the sociopolitical circumstances that surround them are obviously extremely variegated. Therefore, any generalization runs the risk of falling into essentialism, reductionism, or homogenization of a clearly diverse corpus of works.

They also reflect their uninterrupted contact with the sending communities. As previously mentioned, despite the large number of authors listed here, the story of the Chinese diaspora in the Americas and the Caribbean basin has been narrated, for the most part, by non-Chinese authors. In other cases, however, the same authors that contest the stereotype highlight this very insularity in their works. For example, Siu Kam-Wen seems to feel a sort of claustrophobia in the demanding world of Chinese shopkeepers and in the traditionalism of strict kinship norms, while at the same time representing numerous cases of hybridity, particularly in autobiographical passages.

These feelings, along with sociopolitical adversities, have made re-migration another important literary topic. With each of these migrations, and with the passing of time, feelings of nostalgia may also find their way into the writing.

Tongue Ties

Besides migrations and re-migrations, some of these books reflect the tradition of returning to mainland China , Taiwan , Hong Kong, or Macao to look for a young wife. Perhaps one of the most important overarching leitmotifs in Sino-Latin American cultural production is the presentation of the Chinese communities as an integral part of the nation. The justification may vary: from the participation of the Chinese in the wars of independence as is the case the chinos mambises in Cuba to the partial or complete unfamiliarity with Chinese cultures and languages, many other reasons are cited.

Another crucial overarching leitmotif is the realization that, with the freedom and social agency sometimes provided by flexible transnationalism, mobility and deterritorialization , often comes a great deal of marginalization, uprootedness, suffering and victimhood including imprisonment : indentured servitude, slavery, xenophobia, and Sinophobia are also recurrent topics in these works.

While multiple displacements may allow Chinese subjects to flee repressive regimes and social customs, they can also make them fall into equally oppressive and dictatorial regimes. Works Cited. Poema de un pueblo. Chong Ruiz, Eustorgio A.

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Panama City: Incude,. Chow, Juan. Oficio del caos. Chuffat Latour, Antonio. Denise Helly. Helly, Denise. Kuan Veng, A. Mey Shut, poemas en prosa. Lima: Lux, Mayer de Zulen, Dora. In Memoriam. Lima: n. Pedroso, Regino. El ciruelo de Yuan Pei Fu. Poemas Chinos.