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This group would be answerable only too the Doge and his most trusted and powerful ministers, they would give advise on effective foreign policy, taxes, merchants trading legislation and economic changes. As the centuries moved on, the tides flowed through the grand canal and the people of the Venetian empire carried on with there simple lives, the council grew more and more in strength. From the middle of the 15th century, the council gained an unbelievable amount of power, power over the security of not just Venice, but her empire. Power over economic decisions, laws and policy, influence in the courts and even as far as help control the word of the Doge.

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They sat in the Ducal palace in secure walls, wielding power that effected every worker and nobleman, every estate and palace and every trading post across the vast Venetian empire. The Council, being cut off from the rest of the City by not being allowed to walk so freely among the people Just like the Doge , developed a mystic and acquired a legendary Ora among her citizens. In some instance they commanded life and death for the people of Venice. Lucky for the democratic people, the lovers of the republic, the influence of the Council started to decay in the middle of the 16th century.

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The Ten were corrupt, power hungry, they craved absolute authority, but after reports of money, titles and estates being traded for a seat on the Ten, the Doge was quick to clamp down on pretenders to his throne. The Council started as a emergency measure to help control corruption and disarray among the streets, but as with any growing power, that corruption slowly seeps into their own minds and thoughts.

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The Inquisitors were given equal authority to that of the entire Council of Ten, and could try and convict those accused of treason independently of their parent body. To further these activities, the Inquisitors created a large network of spies and informants, both in Venice and abroad. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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