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The more serious question becomes whether either of them will live to see that day. Astrid f Introspective Astrid Thorpe sees herself as too tall, too loud and too outspoken, and is resolved to change. As she begins a reporting position in Fairchance, she buys an old Sears model house that needs restoration. For that work, she engages Abram On the day Dee Poore announces the closing of her rehab camp, ending its ten-year operation, she accepts an invitation to speak at a health forum in Fairchance.

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There she meets an old acquaintance, Natalie Burke, and accepts the offer to serve as tem On the day that Ed Ingel is shot to death in his home, Dr. Karl Graham and his secretary, Daisy Winslow, start out for a weekend environmental conference in Montreal, only to end up in a crash on a northwestern Maine country road. While the search fo A top newspaper position in the peaceful Maine city of Fairchance appeals to Beth Armstrong as ideal.


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