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Bass Reeves became a U. S Marshal overseeing the vast expanse of Oklahoma Territory before it was a state. Reeves job was difficult and dangerous. Of the marshals killed while performing their duties, met their untimely ends in OK. However, this risk did not stop the former slave from Arkansas.

Reeves was a excellent marksman with the rifle and pistol his skill was mainly attributed to the time he spent fighting in Oklahoma Territory during the Civil War. Reeves was a U. Marshal for 27 years and widely regarded as the first true lawman of the Wild West. Reeves and his Native American assistant, tracked down as many as 3, criminals during his time as U.

Bob Lemmons who was born a slave before moving to West Texas. In this area of Texas there was large amount herds of wild mustangs. Due to the sheer scale of this comment community, we are not able to give each post the same level of attention, but we have preserved this area in the interests of open debate.

How On Earth Can ESPN Have ‘No Comment’ After Host Compares Jerry Jones To Slave Owner?

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Metro Exodus - Let's Play Part 19: The Slave Ship

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What perhaps was so astonishing about this Best Picture Oscar winner was that in spite of its experimental format and lofty intentions, it still also managed to be hugely entertaining, and is eminently rewatchable.

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  5. With a worldwide gross of over 2. But will it actually be remembered fondly? What is there to revere then? The patronising narrative re-hash of the plot to Dances With Wolves? Or the bit where two cat-aliens had sex by plugging their hair braids into each other? Whiplash was perhaps the most buzzy, "have you seen it yet? Best Bond of all time? Breathlessly edited, hued with the colours of dust and dirt and rage; packed to the brim with practical stunt work unseen in the digital age.

    It centres on a group of aging intellectuals partying on rooftops across Rome to Eurodance, and within this frame of superficiality it manages staggering profundity. Misfit boys finding new meaning to their existence in the arms of pink-haired manic pixie dream girls; sun-dappled bike rides as the latest band to feature a ukulele solo play softly in the distance. Really a perfect movie. The casting couldn't have been better and Sofia Coppola conveys the choking feeling of an overly air-conditioned hotel room like no-one else.

    So many of the shots were beautiful in their simplicity.

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    Bill Murray making a nice crisp, clean golf shot before walking off down the course. The flower arranging scene. Bill lightly grabbing Scarlett Johansson's foot and this subtly serving as the film's 'kiss'. It's the unconventional romance at the heart of the film that makes it so great, though, which is as much about companionship as physical and emotional love. And though its finale may be heart-breaking, del Toro still allows innocence a certain victory. In hindsight this was so much more than a prank.

    Phoenix stayed in character as a failed actor turned hip-hop artist for months on end. While it too was an unprecedented piece of cinema, Boyhood for me faded from the memory very quickly. I was less than thrilled at the prospect of a movie about Facebook, but then pleasantly surprised upon watching it.

    A holy production trinity of David Fincher director , Aaron Sorkin screenwriter and Trent Reznor score told a story that changed all of our lives with such panache. Texting, the internet, social media etc are so prosaic that many authors and filmmakers disingenuously leave them out of their stories, but here they were central and yet still the film was engrossing, stylish and human.

    Django channeled brutality in the name of righteous fury, allowing the freedom fighting slaves of a pre-Civil War Deep South their own legendary cowboy of the John Wayne or Clint Eastwood type. The Brad-Pitt-is-a-family-man-in-thes plot strand was actually pretty unremarkable, and were it not for the brazenness of the extended shots of the universe being formed I doubt it would have made top ten lists the way it did.

    As such Her will definitely still be getting talked about in years to come, whether or not we do indeed end up falling in love with our computers. Also see: Ex Machina - CH. A tough reality, but a reality nonetheless.

    Nicodemus – A Black Pioneer Town – Legends of America

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