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In the second of the series, Angel of Hope , Heather's sister Amber takes center stage. McDaniel recently talked with BookPage about her writing, her life, and her new series. BookPage: Your One Last Wish novels and the Jenny books cover topics most find depressing -- the illness and death of young people -- but they are successful. What brought you to write about those topics?

Lurlene McDaniel: I was always a writer, and when my son was three years old, he became critically ill. The diagnosis was juvenile diabetes, and all of a sudden I was thrust into the world of the chronically ill. I learned it wasn't fair. There was nothing my son had done to deserve this disease and yet he had it. The first rule of writing is to write about what you know. Few people wrote about the chronically ill, so people who had illnesses never saw themselves in literature.

I started writing about kids with chronic illnesses, and they were just enormously successful, surprisingly so. BP: How is your son Sean?

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LM: He's doing well. He's 30 and a businessman, still a diabetic and always will be. He coaches youth soccer. BP: Do you have a teenager that you use as a sounding board? LM: Oh, I wish. Sean had a brother, Eric, who's a youth pastor in Alabama. I can be around kids if I need to be.

BP: Do you write with an audience or gender in mind? LM: I have always been amazed guys read these books and seem to enjoy them.

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Because I've raised boys, I like to think I can get inside a guy's mind. I try and make the boys talk like guys, sound like guys and react like guys. BP: A poll taken by Book magazine lists both female and male teens' favorite authors. Your name was fourth for females and fifth for males.

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This must be immensely gratifying. LM: That blew me away. I am very privileged and honored when someone chooses to read a book, especially a book of mine. BP: One of your books, Six Months to Live , has been placed in a time capsule at the Library of Congress, to be opened in the year How did that come about? LM: That book got put in the time capsule because it was nominated by children from all over the country. Pizza Hut sponsors a reading program: Reading is Fundamental.

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This particular year, they invited children to nominate their favorite books and write an essay why. They were going to take the top letter from each state and put it in the time capsule. They notified me that Six Months had been the most nominated book in the competition. It had won in three states. The grand prize letter was from South Carolina. BP: Why that title versus any of your others? LM: I've often wondered what is behind the phenomenon of this book as opposed to other books.

It's one of the first serious books they run across after they've exceeded the Babysitter's Club. They're walking through the book fair and see Six Months to Live. It's a great title, you gotta admit. They just are mesmerized that a year-old girl who is normal, just like them, could get leukemia.

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BP: Your characters are often in emotionally charged situations. Do you emotionally detach sometimes? LM: No, actually, it's the other way around. You want to attach emotionally. The last thing that Dawn ever counted on was coming down with cancer. This type of illness is something that is supposed to happen to other people that are different or older. Anyone but her. This is supposed to be the time in her life where she can enjoy being her age. She thought she would have the same chance to have fun and just be young that her friends do.

Now she knows that she has something about her that makes her different from everyone else her age. Dawn must confront the fact that she has been diagnosed with cancer. It may not fit in with her vision of her life, but sometimes you have to change your plans up when life requires it.

She is about to gear up for what could be the most difficult fight that she has gone through to date.

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Indeed, it may end up being the toughest thing that she ever does. She knows that she has to not only take on this battle but win in the end. What will she do and will she get better or worse? Pick up the dramatic debut story in this series to find out! I Want To Live is the second novel in this series. When it comes to fictional stories involving sickness, this one is sure to make you sad and hopeful and many more emotions all at once!

Dawn Rochelle was just 13 when she found out she was sick and had 6 months left. Her year has certainly been busy; she attended summer camp and helped her older brother plan his wedding.


She has been doing all that she can to try and get over the cancer, the horrible leukemia monster that was threatening to take her entire life away. Now she is in remission, and that is the best place to be. She believes that she will get better. Could the cancer have returned? Will she live another year? Pick up this sequel to find out. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s.


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