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The swastika has a much lengthier history of positive connotations for many peoples and religions — good luck, fertility — until it was adopted by occult racialist cults in late nineteenth century Germany. The more modern hammer and sickle aptly represented the unity of worker and peasant — the rise of the proletariat. For all intents, both were politicized as signs of upheaval.

A war of signs pitted each against the other during the fractious post-World War I violence between Nazis and Communists in Weimar Germany.


Both logos were more than mere identifiers, they were weapons. Their respective brand extensions — on the Nazi side ominous runic symbols used by different Hitlerian organizations then and now and on the Soviet side, the red star, and portraits of Lenin and Stalin. The Nazis used the swastika as efficiently as the Soviets used their own emblem. Both were simple, stark, and impressive.

Still, the swastika conjures images of the worst of humankind, while the hammer and sickle speaks of a tragic albeit longer period in world history. Admittedly, this entire comparison may be criticized as inconsequential and yet think of how white power racism would look if the swastika were swapped with the hammer and sickle.

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  • The Swastika: The Future for a Symbol of Great Good and Ultimate Evil.
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It is simply not the same nor would it happen. It has no will of its own. Therefore, we have to conclude that symbols can only have evil associations , NOT evil inherently, in and of themselves. The "evil" in a symbol is that which we ascribe to its associated ideas. Thus, in the West, where the first exposure to the swastika on a mass scale was through Nazism--a set of ideas so poorly thought through that they do not merit the dignity of being called a political philosophy--which is evil in our perspective.

But what about communism? That's a different story, I think. Communism is coherent. In many of its variations, it actually sounds good to some people There are many perfectly respectable people in this world who are communists, who run governments fairly, efficiently, and democratically, AND who use the hammer and sickle as their symbol to this day I'm thinking of the Indian Communist parties which have run the state of West Bengal and its capital of Calcutta for most of the last half-century.

In short, the idea that the hammer and sickle symbolizes may or may not be evil, but it probably isn't. Lockesdonkey , Jun 30, By the way I highly dought Karl Marx would say something along the lines of there are no human rights.

Premier says Kenney must act after UCP member compared LGBTQ flag to swastika

The Swastika has been bastardized and deamonized thanks to Adolph Hitler. GenMarshall , Jun 30, This is stupid, a symbol can't be inherently good or evil, just the groups that use them. Kraznaya , Jun 30, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

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Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Must a person change his shirt on the subway train crossing from East to West Berlin? The lawyers are still arguing. This was part of unceasing media and classroom attempts to equate Nazi Germany with the GDR, denouncing every last detail and every achievement of the GDR and thus hinder any hopes of a socialist future, especially among the younger generation.

This policy of deception has often proved very successful; it is closely allied with pressures and propaganda aimed at a left-wing Greece or at Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and, ever since , at Cuba. While slogans, flags and other signals, good or bad, often have such importance that they cannot be ignored, the Confederate rag in Columbia, South Carolina, simply reflects all that lies behind it.

This deception and fears, since America was born, of losing a presumed advantage, have always made progress difficult or impossible. Lee statues — and the former lynchings and present-day mass incarceration, police bullying and murder of African Americans. In Germany, while those trying to out-trick bans on swastikas and Hitler salutes go marching through the streets in nearly every city, and are of great potential danger, an even greater menace, far broader, is a deception similar to that in the U.

There are relatively few Jews now, but far more people of Muslim faith. Now, due to terrible wars caused by the very same people who want to squeeze the entire economy and make more billions, there are hundreds of thousands of refugees of war and hunger searching for asylum, even at great risk in the stormy waters of the Mediterranean.

Court rules Swastika is historic sign, not symbol of Nazi horrors

The homes of immigrants seeking asylum in Germany burn just as hot as the churches of African-Americans worshipping in the U. Far in the background one finds the people and the institutions that benefit from the toleration and promotion of racist symbols like the swastika in Germany and the Confederate flag in the U. The individuals involved, with their money stowed away in places like the Cayman Islands or Luxembourg, can be found enjoying time on their yachts, flying their luxurious jets or living in their countless mansions — enjoying and living off the profits of the weapons and other industries that are of little benefit to anyone other than themselves.

For the overwhelming majority of the human race, however, there really is no benefit to be gained from provocative and racist flags and slogans. Church shooting.

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Victor Grossman is a journalist from the U. He fled in the s in danger of reprisals for his left-wing activities at Harvard and in Buffalo, New York. He landed in the former German Democratic Republic Socialist East Germany , studied journalism, founded a Paul Robeson Archive and became a freelance journalist and author.