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The game "Speed" written by Shawn Hargreaves for Speedhack has been ported as you may have already guessed to Allegro 5 using this thin wrapper. Just like with A4, also in A5 the developers try to maintain a high quality and up-to-date reference manual - it always should be your first stop to look up how something is supposed to work.

Adagio and Allegro in F minor for a mechanical organ, K. 594

With various variations as how to handle frame skipping and other things. The main points are that input was polled, timing was done by installing a timer, and the loop was constructed so rest 1 would be executed whenever nothing else was to do. Once you understand what is happening, this is a much cleaner solution.

Whenever any input occurs, you get an event instantly. So you could have more fine-controlled input handling than in A4, or otherwise just collect input until the next game tick so it would work like A4. Similar, you get an event now at the exact time the timer ticks. There are again various ways to deal with frame skipping and other things - everything possible in A4 is still possible in A5. A5 uses floating point coordinates.


While it needs some time to get used to, it often leads to clearer code, and is the only way to properly deal with sub-pixel accuracy which was impossible with A4. A detailed explanation can be found at in the manual. All graphics are 'blitted' in reality with GPU-accelerated draws to the last selected target bitmap, which you can change with:.

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My Account. About Musicnotes. Subscribe to our Newsletter Stay Connected. Sureness of touch is crucial so fingerings should be well known and consistent.

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  • Changes of position are the danger points for unevenness so anything awkward will need extra slow practice. If there is weakness in the fifth finger, the last two beats of bar 5 RH and similarly bar 15, could use a 4 instead. However, by this grade it is advisable to be working towards equal facility in all fingers, so the early stages of learning this piece could be used to help with technical development by treating it as a study. In bar RH smaller hands may find it best to use etc on all the sixths and sevenths, whether on black or white notes.

    There is one rather unusual ornament which occurs in bars 7 and 8. It looks like a turn written out in small notes.

    Emily Read MD, MSc, FAAP | Allegro Pediatrics

    Before your student tries to play a quick turn on first reading, demonstrate its realisation in semiquavers, matching the left hand notes, without any sense of hurry. The dissonances are easy to hear — and may even make the student think they are playing wrong notes at first — when the ornament is played out. Teaching this piece falls naturally into two main stages: first gaining mastery of the notes, and then exploring the meaning and shape of the music.

    At an early stage, take your student on a guided tour of the structure, harmony and main melodic elements patterns and motifs , so that they see beyond the blackness of the notation. Introducing the piece, you may reassure them that there is a great deal of predictable and repeated patterning and they need not view it as a daunting row of endless semiquavers. They can also try playing them in the left hand. Try to find the pattern rather than focusing on the semiquavers as individual one-by-one notes.

    Invent different ways to play the pattern: all the notes at once, in pairs, and so on. See how long each pattern lasts before it is changed — this also feeds into the harmonic rhythm rate of change of implied chords and gives shape and variety to the flow. Control is so important in this music and it can be tested by playing at a speed which is either a little too fast or a little too slow for performance.

    If the speed cannot be changed at will use a metronome to keep this objective the notes are not fully under the player's control — with clear consequences under pressure of performance! Once the notes have been mastered there may still be a risk of a lifeless performance.