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Ellen was already familiar with my past work fusing myth and metaphor. Around the same time, another friend and poet, Courtney Ray, had challenged me to write a poem about a deadly sin, any deadly sin. For days I had been doing research and writing drafts of poems dealing with all the deadly sins — lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, anger, envy and pride — and all this was raging in my head at the time Ellen and I were talking.

The next milestone came when I decided to let the victim talk back. What is the origin of the striking tattoo photo, artist, model, for the cover art of Sonata Vampirica? My conception of the vampire was very different. That concept melded with my creation of a persona that was both sexually attractive and dangerous — the Tattooed Man.

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When I realized it, I knew this was to be my new vampire archetype, something that had, to my knowledge, never been seen before. Which new projects of yours are closest to your heart? It hit 1 on Amazon Kindle Hot New Releases in Poetry, and has peaked — without promotions — at 28 on the poetry bestsellers charts.


The art work for this book has just been completed, and my publishing house, Windrift Books, is planning a release by the end of July. This will probably be my most personal book so far. June 30, at am. Lillian Rodriguez said:. June 22, at pm. What a great interview! I loved witnessing the pleasure Samuel Peralta gets from writing poetry come out in his answers to your questions. It was also fascinating and encouraging to read about how well he is doing in the self publishing world. Thank you for sharing the interview here!

Samuel Peralta is a physicist and storyteller. He has produced and supported scores of crowd-sourced films, including projects based on Daniel H. In the fall of , Harry launched a successful Kickstarter to fund the publication of an epic fantasy trilogy, along with a short fiction collection and a pacifist urban fantasy. Harry lives in Seattle with his beloved wife, beloved son, and beloved library system.

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He can be found online at harryjconnolly. Matt Forbeck has been a full-time creator of award-winning games and fiction since , designing games and toys and writing stories of all sorts. For more about him and his work, visit Forbeck. He blogs intermittently at timpratt. Tobias S. Virgin Islands. He currently lives in Ohio with a pair of dogs, a pair of cats, twin daughters, and his wife.

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This is her first work of published fiction. She hopes there will be more. Monte is a graduate of Clarion West. He currently runs Monte Cook Games, publisher of many fine roleplaying games.

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Her appetite for bad movies is insatiable, a tragedy she tracks at genevievevalentine. Andrew Penn Romine is a writer and animator who lives in Los Angeles with his wife, his cats, and way too many books. You can find him online at andrewpennromine.

Follow his day-to-day adventures on Twitter inkgorilla. Bradley P. Brad has high interest in Kickstarter, a great platform that he used to run two successful campaigns of his own, not to mention participating in several anthology projects. Along with fellow author Gregory A. Wilson, Brad runs the highly successful science fiction and fantasy podcast, Speculate, which can be found at speculatesf. Eliot — I love his intellectual rigor, his exploration of form and metaphor and symbolism. Robert Frost — what he brings is his love of traditional verse, and his ability to speak in the language of ordinary people.

I wake up sometimes, and a verse out of a poem is stuck in my head, and that becomes my favorite for days. I could go on.

Hence, I was first in line for her second book. Craft is very important to me. I believe that mastery of craft is the foundation for a true freedom of expression, that facility in writing structural verse prepares you for the discipline needed when writing free verse. It teaches you about musicality, control, rhythm, expressivity — all the nuances of language that are your armaments in the battle you wage in trying to make a string of words mean something.

I write a lot. I keep notes in my phone, type up Word documents, bookmark pictures and stories, pieces of inspiration that I submerge in my unconscious and may surface later on as the detail to a more complex work. Out of these fragments, something will emerge. Eventually, I come up with something, a narrative that makes emotional sense. Then I edit — mercilessly. I approach the poem the way a novelist or short story writer does, I write from the heart, but edit with the brain. I do research for geography, historical context, and literary allusion. I play with perspectives, structure, rhythms, with as many aspects of language I can, all in an effort to bring out, make clear for the reader, the main emotional connection that inspired me at the beginning.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both publishing strategies that every writer has to consider. If the poems are good, they will find a home.