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Magic : Fern. Magnificence : Bird of Paradise. Majesty : Lily. Marriage : Ivy, Orange Blossoms. Meekness : Birch. Memories : Forget-Me-Not. Merit reward : Bay wreath. Mirth : Hops. Misfortune : Single Daffodil. Motherhood : White Carnation, Day Lily. Nature, fanciful : Begonia. Nature, love of : Magnolia.

Neatness : Broom.

Name Numerology

New beginnings : Daffodil. No : Carnation, striped. Nobility : Magnolia. Oblivion : Poppy. Optimism : Chrysanthemum. Passion, fragile : Azalea. Peace : Cattail, Olive Branch. Perfection : Pineapple, Rose, Tulip. Persistence : Euphorbia. Pity : Pine. Play : Hyacinth. Pleasant : Ginger. Pleasure : Red Poppy, Sweet Pea. Pleasure, simple : Huckleberry. Praise : Fennel. Prayer : Blueberry, White Hyacinth.

Preference : Apple Blossom.

Gardenia Flower Meaning - Flower Meaning

Pride : Amaryllis, Carnation, Lily. Promptness : Stock. Rashness : Hyacinth. Rebirth : Daffodil, Rosemary. Reconciliation : Filbert, Hazel, Purple Hyacinth. Recovery from illness : Pussy Willow. Refinement : Orchid. Refusal : Carnation, striped. Regard : Daffodil. Rejection : Yellow Carnation. Resentment : Petunia. Reserve : Maple. Resignation : Cyclamen. Respect : Red Rose. Rest : Chrysanthemum, White Poppy. Retaliation : Thistle.

Reverence : White Rose. Riches : Buttercup, Corn, Wheat. Rigour : Lantana. Romance : Azalea. Safe : Ginger. Salvation: Columbine. Satisfaction : Primrose. Secrecy : White Rose. Sensitivity : Mimosa. Sensuality : Jasmine. Shame : Peony. Shelter : Fern. Silence : White Rose. Simplicity : Daisy. Sincerity : Fern, Gladiolus. Sleep, eternal : Poppy. Smile : Sweet William, Yellow Tulip.

Gardenia Biberveldt

Solitude : Lavender Heather. Soothing presence : Petunia. Sorrow : Purple Hyacinth, Yarrow, Yew. Sorry : Striped Carnation, Purple Hyacinth. Sport : Hyacinth. Steadfastness : Bamboo. Stupidity : Geranium. Support : Lamb's-Ears. Surprise : Truffle. Suspicion : Mushroom. Sweet : White Carnation, Lily of the Valley. Taste : Fuschia. Temperance : Azalea. Temptation : Quince. Thank you for understanding : Hydrangea. Thee only do I love : Arbutus. Time : Fir, Poplar. Unanimity : Phlox, Red and White Roses. Union : Whole Straw. Valor : Iris. Variety : Aster. Victory : Nasturtium, Palm Leaves.

Virginity : White Lily. Virtue : Mint, White Rose, Sage. Watchfulness : Blue Violet. Wealth : Alstromeria, Lily, Yellow Poppy. Wedded Love : Ivy. Welcome home husband however drunk you are : Hen-and-chickens. Whimsy : Bells of Ireland. Widowhood : Scabious. Win me : Lady's Slipper. Wisdom : Columbine, Iris, Mulberry Tree. Wishes will come true : White Heather, Sweet Basil. Wit : Sorrel. Womanhood : Azalea, Carnation. Worth beyond beauty : Alyssum. Yes : Carnation. You're adorable : Camellia, white. Include more of the color Blue in your life to enhance intuition and eliminate self-expression blockages.

The lucky numbers for people with this name are 2, 3, 16, 21 and Based on numerology, this name is luckier for those born in an even year. Tuesday is the lucky day associated with this name. Tuesday is the time to act, make decisions and advance in all sort of life aspects. Metaphorically October symbolism corresponds with slowness and abundance. It signals a great time to manifest one's wants and desires without fear of judgement.

The energy contained within the month of October stimulates participation in group activities. The Amazonite is the lucky gemstone in the case of people named Gardenia. This jewel awakens feelings of pure joy and letting go of worries. Amazonite's energy helps one express themselves freely, without fear of how they could be perceived.

The Penguin spirit animal stands for endurance and dreaming. Intrinsically, Penguin symbolism teaches us that our main focus in life should be to remain truthful to ourselves.

scent . intention . consciousness . essential oils

For someone whose totem animal is the Penguin, benefiting from a rich social life is essential. The house is closing in on you and you rush to change into street clothes and take a walk. One thing that was tolerable about Lima, Ohio - it didn't matter how late it was at night, the streets were always safe to walk. You think about calling Santana, but when you check the time on your phone, you deduce she's more than likely busy with Brittany.

It's fine. You're so used to being alone that even thinking about someone keeping you company sends a shiver down your spine. It's the middle of the summer. A shimmer catches your gaze and you find yourself walking down a familiar street. As hazy as your memory of Lima is, you made sure to try to make most of it as forgettable as possible, you remember this street.

The glow hits your eyes like a glare and then it comes to better focus. A small gold star on the side of the mailbox.

Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat บุพเพสันนิวาส ( Love Destiny ) MV - Avalanche

The way the moon hits the metallic color draws you in until you're staring at the Berry mailbox like it contains the secrets to the world. It probably does. It's probably magic, you conclude, and opening it would probably suck you in like a vortex. That's what you get for sleep deprivation and three semesters of creative writing. A light turning on from the living room shifts your attention and you find yourself diving into the closest bushes as the front door open. What the hell is she doing back in Lima? Why didn't Santana mention anything? You hate this. You curse your acute insomnia that brought you to staring at a gold star sticker on a mailbox for five fucking minutes like a god damn psychopath.

You were wrong. It brings you back with the force of the universe and suddenly you're seventeen and Rachel Berry is quickly becoming one of your best friends. Her voice is silken smooth and then-. You hold your breath and by the time she gives up and closes the door, your lungs burn, tears of pain are welling up. You tell yourself the tears are because you held your breath for so long.

You know that's a lie.

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You gasp for air and stumble back out onto the sidewalk and run all the way back to your childhood home. When you step into the foyer and shut the door, you grasp onto your knees and heave for as much air you can get. Sleep comes easy after that. You're so exhausted, you can barely fight it off and find yourself drifting to the sound of her voice, and her adorable empty threat. Sometime in the morning your mother knocks on the door to tell you she's heading out for a few hours. Your cellphone is downstairs.

You have no concept of time and if not for Santana and Brittany coming over, you'd probably just go right back to sleep. It's nearing ten by the time you trudge downstairs and grab your phone. Ten-thirty when you step out of the shower and see a message from Santana that says she and Brittany are on her way over. Eleven rolls by and you're dressed, the front door opens and you hear your name being called. Santana hates knocking. Despite you rolling you eyes at her, you hug them both and quickly get to sorting and packing.

Some things you don't mind bringing back with you to New Haven. Your apartment is fairly bare, akin to a stereotypical bachelor pad. You've told yourself for months that you need to decorate but Some things you know you'll want to share with your future children - if you have them. The store pile is more for your mother, you tell Santana and Brittany because you have no intentions of giving birth and raising a child in the foreseeable future.

And the trash pile Three bibles are immediately slammed down on the trash pile and you look up to see Santana smirking down at you. Today you have to start on another hand. Brittany finds an old costume of yours from Glee. It's Pink, it's big - Lady Gaga. You tell her she can keep it. Santana seethes, Brittany squeals, and you smirk. Hours later, the three of you have made decent work, you'd like a break but honestly, you know you won't return to it if you do.

It's a small black box, locked with a fabric knot. A soft smile forms on your lips and it's enough to get Santana's attention too. My mom dried out the corsage he got me-". You remember it like a vivid flashback. The Gardenia wrapped in a soft green ribbon. Finn mumbled clumsily on the way to the Prom that the ribbon was supposed to match your eyes. But you weren't paying attention, even if your eyes never looked greener than that night. You remained fixated on the flower that encased your wrist.

There's an awkward silence and you almost curse under your breath. Finn must be a sore topic still. For your friends. Instead when you look up, Santana looks like she's biting her tongue and Brittany is looking anywhere but you. Finn - it was just All because of that corsage, you know. I remember going home and looking up the meaning behind Gardenias And that's when Santana laughs. You scowl. How dare she? Brittany presses her hand to her mouth, looking like she'll start laughing too.

You start to see red because you don't understand why the hell they'd be laughing at such a thing. Britt, shit, I can't stop Brittany, at least has managed to keep herself from all-together laughing. It feels like a minute goes by but it's only ten seconds.

You know this because your mother is so old fashioned she kept a clock on the wall behind Santana. Manhands, troll doll, dwarf Nicknames you and Santana came up with when she was nothing but your antagonizing fixation. Rage level is down to a nine from a fifteen. She's like-". But not like the kind of best friends that San and I were in high school because Santana and Rachel don't share sweet lady kisses.

You understand that because you think you might break your night stand lamp over Santana's head if that were the case. Look, one day Rach came home after a bad audition and we downed a bottle of ever clear. Ever clear is like an alcoholic confession booth, come to realize. She was blubbering about shit and then we hit high school. She said if she could do Junior Prom all over, she It was her idea.

But when Santana can't stop a laugh from her mouth and tells you it's real life, you realize you said that out loud. She laughs and tells you it's the truth. There's really no reason to lie about this. Because if it's true You remember getting home that night and google searching the meaning of a gardenia, blushing when the search results came back. And what you once believed was a beautiful gesture from your ex-boyfriend, is now quickly ripped and tarnished. You aren't mad that it wasn't Finn that thought of it all on his own.


Finn, in his life, had so many stand-up moments you remember that this doesn't ruin his image. The next moment is a flurry. You launch for your phone. Santana tackles you to the ground. There's fighting and name calling. Brittany screams on the top of her lungs and the two of you finally stop. How the hell did she get so strong. You are not going to call her. But you honestly don't care. You've dwelled on the meaning of a Gardenia for years. They became your favorite flower. Your obsession. How much hurt it might've saved if someone did. You're mad.

You're so mad you cry and fight against Santana weakly until she lets up and cradles you awkwardly as you gently hit her with loose fists. It doesn't take her long to figure out what the hell is happening and Brittany's comment of, "I told you it was never one sided," is the icing on the cake that leaves Santana sighing out.

You can't blame her. You perfected the art of self-preservation so well at such an early age. She holds you for what seems like hours, Brittany eventually joins the two of you on the ground and holds your hand as you confess to them everything you've kept inside.